Cycling classes for adults
You cannot (yet) ride a bike? You finally want to learn it? Then you are right with us!

The city of Luxembourg, in collaboration with the LVI (Lėtzebuerger Vėlos-Initiativ a.s.b.l.), organises cycling classes for adults.

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular – active mobility on two wheels is a trend. However, one realises that cycling does not come naturally for everyone and many people – both, young and old – are excluded from this trend. Be it because they never had an occasion to learn it, because they feel insecure handling a bike due to different reasons or because they feel incapable to participate in the traffic circulation for whatever reason.

For many, cycling is initially connected with bad experiences, fear and insecurities. With us you can approach cycling in an atmosphere of trust, where these fears will be taken seriously.

You will be able to learn cycling in a calm environment, step by step, at your speed, in a small group.

Scooters and bicycles for the course will be provided.

The classes are being led by Christian Burmeister, pioneer for cycling courses in Germany and president of the organization “Radfahrlehrerverband moveo • ergo • sum”. They are based on a comprehensive concept that is founded psychologically, didactically as well as on sports science.

The courses are held in Luxembourgish, French, German and English.

Location of the courses: city of Luxembourg in a protected environment outside.

Time period of the courses 2021:

Tuesday, 06th April - Thursday, 15th April
14:30 - 17:00   or   17:30 - 20:00

Participation fee:

100,- € / person

Information and registration:

LVI - Lėtzebuerger Vėlos-Initiativ a.s.b.l.
6 rue Vauban
L-2663 Luxembourg
Tél: 4390 3029
Email: veloschoulvelolu

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